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Brimstone Audio BL-1 Basilisk Tube Distortion



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Building on the success of the Crossover Distortion XD-1 and XD-2, Brimstone Audio is further expanding the palette of gain available from its innovative dual-band line of effects.  The Crossover Distortion introduced players of all kinds to the benefits of applying overdrive to low and high frequencies independently of one another, and now the Basilisk brings an entirely new type of distortion to the table.  Where the XD-1 and XD-2 sought to provide uncolored, transparent overdrive more akin to a multi-stage tube amplifier, the Basilisk delivers true distortion that adds all the compression, sustain, and sweetness that players have come to enjoy from their favorite iconic distortion stomp boxes of the past.

Like the Crossover Distortion, the Basilisk is a hybrid two-channel pedal, with a main channel and a boost channel that can both be engaged via footswitch. The main channel contains the same transparent overdrive as the Crossover Distortion, which comes from its triple gain-stage jfet / mosfet  preamp, while the Boost channel now engages a fourth gain stage consisting of back-to-back LED clipping diodes for a completely different flavor of gain. The combination of these different types of gain applied in the context of Brimstone Audio's proprietary dual band architecture results in a distortion pedal of unprecedented versatility and unrivaled sonic alchemy. 

Great tone is staring you in the face - can you meet the deadly gaze of the Basilisk?


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