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Brimstone Audio XD-2 Crossover Distortion



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The Crossover Distortion is an analog multi-band distortion effect with a variable crossover. There are actually four different circuits inside the pedal: two independent cascaded mosfet gain circuits, a continuously variable Linkwitz-Riley crossover, and a discreet output mixer. The variable crossover splits the input signal at the user-specified frequency, routing the high frequencies to one gain circuit, and the low frequencies to the other. The highs and lows can then be effected separately, with their own gain and uniquely designed tone controls. The mixer section recombines the signals prior to output, with 'Mix' and 'Master' controls to set the balance between the high and low bands and the output volume.


  • Made in California, U.S.A.
  • 100% analog
  • Linkwitz-Riley sweepable steep-slope active crossover - THE standard for all high-end audio crossover applications
  • Dual cascaded mosfet overdrive circuitry for maximum transparency
  • 'Mix' and 'Master' controls to achieve optimal volume and balance between high and low frequencies
  • 'Boost' footswitch for additional gain (tied to one additional gain control for each frequency band)
  • 'High Gain / Low Gain' switch for guitars of varying output level
  • Metalized film capacitors throughout the audio pathNeutrik input & output jacks
  • Dual internal 18v power supplies (one for each overdrive) from 9v source
  • Standard 9v DC adapter (recommended) or 9v battery
  • 18g folded steel chassis

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