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Byrne Vintage Series 22" Ride Cymbal 2406 Grams


SKU: BCV22R-2406

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Byrne Vintage Series 22" Ride Cymbal 2406 Grams

All cymbals are fully hand hammered and lathed and at no time receive
machine shaping as with major brands. Each cymbal is carefully crafted
over a period of time by cymbal smith Ray Byrne. Starting with raw,
unworked B20 bronze blanks, he works each cymbal over a number of
sessions allowing the cymbal to rest several days between hammering and
lathing until he feels it has reached the potential he is looking for in each
cymbal. Each cymbal is truly custom and unique.

Vintage Series: Embracing the fundamentals of cymbal making history, the
vintage series are only hand hammered (as are all of Byrne Cymbals) and
are fully lathed on the top and bottom of the cymbal. They are light to
medium light in weight. They are carefully shaped over a number of weeks
using various hammer shapes and weights to produce varying tension
throughout the cymbal for a balance between fundamental and wash/trash.
These are a great choice for anyone looking for a lighter cymbal that is
made with the care and craft that only a solitary cymbal smith can impart to
each instrument.

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