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Callaham Vintage T Model Tele Bridge Assembly Specialized for Bigsby Flat-Mount Vibratos



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This bridge will do for a Tele what Callaham's Strat bridge does for Strats. It will increase sustain, volume, and eliminate unwanted feedback problems associated with the standard vintage Fender bridge. Most bridges are made from .045 - .050 inch thick 1010 steel that is soft and easy to form into the "tray shape". Those bridges have poor sustain and tend to cause feedback problems. Some use brass castings for their saddles.

Callaham's bridge is made from .075 inch thick 1018 specially treated steel. This gives the plate an 80% increase in rigidity and dramatically improves sustain, volume, and note separation. It eliminates unwanted feedback. There is a noticeable increase in bass response and a taming of harsh high end. The first 3/4 inch of the front lip is removed to allow for best right hand picking. Coupled with our machined compensated saddles makes this bridge the best available for any vintage styled Tele.

  • Specialized for Bigsby flat-mount vibratos
  • Callaham steel bridge plate in nickel plated finish
  • Callaham 3 brass saddles
  • All Stainless steel screws and springs throughout assembly. (phillips screws except height adjustment)
  • Allen wrench

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