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Carl Martin Headroom Spring Reverb



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The Carl Martin Headroom is a true analog, spring reverb. Featuring a 3 spring tank, the Headroom Reverb will take you from subtle room presence to full on surf drip. In a Guitarist Magazine review, Trevor Curwen noted, "The level knob takes you from a totally dry sound through to a deep surf twang and all the points in between, while turning the tone knob clockwise adds in top end for more brash, splash or trash, depending on your perspective. This is quality reverb that functions as an organic part of the overall guitar sound rather than something just tacked on, and with two 'presets' always on tap you can swiftly transition from an ambient aura to something that's a deliberate effect."

The Carl Martin Headroom features two identicial channels with level and tone controls with a switch to go between them. The Headroom's remote output allows you to store the pedal out of the way, in a rack or your amp. While the unit has had the spring tray suspended on the inside of the chassis for protection against a thunderclap clang from foot contact, the remote switch also assists with guaranteed silent operation for anyone with clumsy feet.

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