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Carstens Amplification Apollo OD Pedal



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The Apollo OD is a versatile overdrive pedal with a very tube-like response, reminiscent of a cranked low-powered tube amp from the ‘60’s. Like those old tube amplifiers, the Apollo OD is very interactive. It will clean up nicely with a softer attack and/or with the volume rolled down on your guitar. The goal in designing the Apollo OD was to create a versatile overdrive that would not focus your guitar tone to sound like an fx pedal has been turned on, especially at the lower/medium Drive settings.

The controls left to right are Volume, Tone, Drive. Set the Volume up high and the Drive low for a light, on the verge of tube breakup response. Set the Drive around 1 o’clock for more overdrive and crunch. With the Drive set higher the Apollo OD will take on more saturation and perhaps a bit of soft fuzz character, yet still remain transparent enough to hear the details of your playing.

Each unit has hand-made traces and is hand-wired for a point-to-point build. Each unit was made in Chicago, IL.

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