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Chase Bliss Audio Wombtone Phaser MKI USED



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This pedal is in great condition and working order! Upgraded with current firmware, includes instruction manual. 

From Chase Bliss:

Do you remember the womb? I imagine this pedal feels like that experience ... warm, thick, lush, atmospheric, analog, fluid ... you know, womb-like . In short, it s a super rad phaser. This pedal features an analog signal path, but every knob is connected to a little digital brain (aka microprocessor) that interfaces with the analog effect. Your guitar signal stays analog the entire time and never gets digitally processed. Since thecontrol of the effect is digital, it opens up unprecedented effects that have never been heard in an analog stompbox. 

RAMP: Simply put, this is a magical knob. Due to the digital control of this pedal, you can set this knob to control any of the five parameters individually or simultaneously (volume, feed, rate, depth, form) and have it either modulate or ramp-and-hold (rise or fall) via dip switches in the back of the pedal. Essentially, this knob controls the ramptime in which this takes place. You can even make a tremolo effect by choosing to modulate the volume knob. 

VOLUME: Sets the level of the effect. This pedal has lots of boost and headroom on tap (I use a voltage doubling device in the pedal to get to 18V on the boost circuitry), and, of course, the ramp knob or an expression pedal can control this knob. So hey, it could be a volume pedal too; in fact, the elements used for this are the same as audiophile-grade attenuators used in hi-fi set ups. 

FEED: This controls the amount of feedback on the phasing effect. All the way clockwise is extreme, while counter-clockwise gives a more subtle effect. 

RATE: This controls the rate of the phasing effect. This control can be over-ridden by the tap tempo switch.

1 – 2 – 4 (3 – 6 – 8) Toggle: This controls the tap division for tap tempo. A dip switch in the back of the pedal lets you access the “3 – 6 – 8” divisions if you so desire. 

DEPTH: This controls how wide the phaser goes. Vocal tones can be found somewhere around 11 o clock.

FORM: This controls the center point of the modulation. Crank it to counterclockwise, the wave is going to ramp up quickly and ramp down gradually. If you crank it clockwise, the wave will ramp up gradually and ramp down quickly. If this knob is straight up and down at 12:00 it will give a perfectly symmetric wave.

Power & Other Info : This pedal consumes ~50mA and should be operated with an alkaline 9V battery or a standard 2.1mm 9V DC center negative adapter. We recommend Voodoo Labs Pedal Power. Input impedance of this device is 500k, and outp

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