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Cordoba Mini String Set 24-39 A Tuning



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This set of strings was designed in collaboration with Aquila in Italy to provide the optimal tone and response for the unique size & characteristics of the Cordoba Mini. Cordoba Mini Strings are made with Aquila’s Supernylgut for premium tone and tuning stability, and feature a ball-end design for easy and reliable installation.

Cordoba Mini Strings are available in 2 versions:

A tuning – up a fourth from standard guitar – 6A 5D 4G 3C 2E 1a

Approximate Gauges:

A Tuning       
1 - .024"        
2 - .031"        
3 - .036"        
4 - .026"        
5 - .032"         
6 - .039"        

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