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Daredevil Pedals Premium OD



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Transistor based hand wired overdrive. True bypass, no buffers, so it stacks great with your other pedals.  Raw, loud and great for dialing cranked tube amp tones or pushing your non-MV amp into natural sounding distortion. Also does the warm n bluesy thing in a very vintage way. Bright control is helpful for boosting solos or taming highs from single coils... there's no funky EQ dips or bumps like TS style pedals. Big round bottom, and great saturation when the pre gain is cranked.

- Transistor based OD gives a big and raw tonal response.

- No buffers, so it stacks well with other effects.

- Bright control helps boost leads or tame harsh high end.

- Lifetime warranty

- Runs on 9V DC jack or Battery

- True Bypass, Hand Wired in Chicago.

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