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Death By Audio Robot 8-Bit Resynthesizer



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The Robot is a low fidelity 8 bit pitch transposer with absolutely no feelings what-so-ever. It is completely synthetic and transforms any input into a spuree of resynthesized robot jargon.


The Control Knob: The control knob is located on the right hand side of the pedal. The knob controls the pitch of the effect in normal, octave down, and octave up modes. When in arpeggiator mode it adjusts the speed of the arpeggiation.

Normal: Same pitch with 8 bit digital conversion with the control knob fully clockwise. Turning the control knob down bends the pitch down.

Octave Down: The control knob turned fully clockwise yields a nasty octave down sound. Turning the control down bends the pitch further down.

Arpeggiator: The pitch arpeggiates in a sequence. The control knob adjusts the speed of the arpeggiation.

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