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Divine Noise Color Cable Orange 10' Straight/Angle



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Here at Divine Noise, with the help of Tech Flex, I am pleased to offer my straight cables in a wide variety of colors (35), with no compromise on quality! I have been using the black Tech Flex for more than a decade when building pedalboards. I am not only very familiar with them, but know their products to be constructed with the utmost attention to creating an outstanding product.

For those of you unfamiliar with Tech Flex, they manufacture braided outer sleeving. I normally use Tech Flex to bundle wires together when building pedalboard looms. With its .10 mil thickness, the braided sleeving offers an added layer of protection- not that they need it!

I am happy to offer this option to satisfy those with the desire flare, while still maintaining the quality that I believe in and that you will trust. I guarantee an exceptional color guitar cable that meets my stringent standards of superiority, not only in the longevity of its performance, but also reliably supplying an unparalleled tone.

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