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Dwarfcraft Devices Happiness Multi Filter Pedal



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Dwarfcraft Devices Happiness Multi Filter Pedal

Dwarfcraft Devices is ready to spread some Happiness, in the form of a
multi-mode filter pedal, packed to the gills with features. Happiness
opens a new world of synth inspired tones and textures with low pass,
band pass, and high pass filtering. The filter is modulated with an
internal triangle based LFO or external CV patched in, and a
“scramble” circuit, akin to a sample and hold.

Expression jacks for filter cutoff and LFO speed are along the top
panel, and CV in and out are on the sides. Happiness internally
converts the industry standard 9v power supply to +/-12V for seamless
integration with Eurorack modular synth systems, and Dwarfcraft’s CV
capable devices. All these features are packed into the same tall
enclosure used by the twin stags, to maximize controls while
minimizing footprint.

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