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Dwarfcraft Devices Mini Van Echo



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From Dwarfcraft Devices:

The Minivan is Dwarfcraft’s first foray in to delay territory.  As usual, they have a few tricks up their sleeves.  The Minivan can get those traditional, dark echo sounds, but it can also get into slow and mangled territory if you crank up it up.  You want run away self-oscillation?  It’ll do that too. 

For those inclined to experiment with their signal chain, they added an insert FX loop so you can make your own fun.  Plug in an expression pedal to control the feedback amount or use a stereo 1/4” to dual mono 1/4” cable to insert effects into the delay line of the Minivan.  For example, putting a pitch shifter in the loop will shift each repeated signal up as it passes through.  This is a great way to create otherworldly sounds, and also a great way to kill an afternoon playing with every pedal you own in the loop.

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