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Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter Modulated Monophonic Harmonizing PLL



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Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter Modulated Monophonic Harmonizing PLL  

The Data Corrupter is a “wild, yet repeatable” three-voice Harmonizing Modulated Monophonic PLL that takes your input signal and “brutally amplifies it into a crushing square wave fuzz tone that is then multiplied, divided, and modulated” to create a harmonically complex, expressive, and touch-responsive analog synth tone up to three octaves below (or above) the original, plus additional harmonies.

Data Corrupter Features:

  • Modulated Monophonic Harmonizing PLL.
  • Wild, yet repeatable three-vopice guitar synthesizer.
  • Crushing square wave fuzz tone.
  • Master Oscillator capable of harmonies up to three octaves above the input.
  • Subharmonic harmonies up to three octaves below the input.
  • Frequency Modulator produces smooth portamento pitch-bends (Glide mode) or retro sci-fi laser effects (Vibrato mode).
  • Frequency Modulator maybe applied to only the Master Oscillator or to both the Master Oscillator and the Subharmonic voices.
  • Voice Mixer blends Master Oscillator, Subharmonic, and Square Wave Fuzz voices.
  • Harmonically complex, expressive, and touch-responsive analogsynth tone up to three octaves below (or above) the original.
  • True Bypass Silent relay-based switching with All-analog signal path.
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Each and every Data Corrupter is built one-at-a-time by a team of ensigns aboard the Starship Enterprise locked in orbitaround the Borg Cube of Akron, Ohio, USA. Make it so. Engage.


Manufacturer: Earth Quaker Devices
Type: Harmonizer/Fuzz/Modulation
Controls: Voice Mixer, Subharmonic control, Frequency Modulator, Master Oscillator control, Level, Bypass
Power Source: 9V
True Bypass: yes
Inputs: Mono in
Outputs: Mono-out


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