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Fuzzrocious Afterlife Reverb



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From Fuzzrocious:

AFTERLIFE is our new reverb pedal that does more and looks more fun than you’re plain old reverb pedal. Sprung from a conversation with Young Widows, they sparked the idea for a reverb that is lush, controllable in decay, AND offers a second output that sends a totally wet reverbed signal with zero dry signal.

You can send the second output to the second input of your amp or even your second amp for a bi-amp setup. When both outputs are utilized, a jangly, seasick, back and forth sound occurs. When the Repeats 1 knob is set to a longer repeats setting, you can get some insane oscillation!

…but wait! THERE’S MORE!!! When the pedal is on/active, you can use the 2nd footswitch to jump between “Repeats 1″ and “Repeats 2″ for two repeats settings (think short decay/long oscillating decay). When the pedal is off, if the “Repeats 2″ knob is fully clockwise, the second momentary footswitch sends oscillation to the second output.
This is a Belton brick-based reverb based on the D Verb.

Includes bypass footswitch, momentary Repeats 1/Repeats 2 setting footswitch, mix knob, Repeats 1 pot, Repeats 2 pot, 2nd output volume pot, on/off LED eyes, and 1590BB enclosure.

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