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Fuzzrocious Demon King Med/High Overdrive w/Latching Feedback CME Exclusive Black/Orange



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Fuzzrocious Demon King Med/High Overdrive w/Latching Feedback

This Fuzzrocious Demon King Overdrive comes with the Latching Feedback mod, and an black and orange paint job exclusive to Chicago Music ExchangeQ!

The Demon King is a low to medium-high gain with TWO selectable overdrive channels that includes a gate/boost mod and a feedback loop to create one incredible dirt pedal. The feedback loop is semi-tunable to a note and can bring your instrument to brink of pseudo-ring mod/bit crushing without all the glonk and clank. The gate/boost mod allows you to take a simple OD into new territories. This pedal adds about 25% more gain than the pedal that inspired it's design and has a better low mids-emphasis. It's one great pedal!

Fuzzrocious pedals are handmade, hand numbered, and may slightly differ from the one pictured.

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