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Gibson P-94R Single Coil Black



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Gibson P-94R Single Coil Black

Gibson P-94 is the best of both worlds: Gibson’s iconic P90-style sinclecoil pickup in a larger humbucker-size housing.  Replacing a humbucker with a P94 is a snap, with no routing or additional wiring modifications required.  The P94 comes with the same vintage, enamel-like coated wiring and beefy Alnico V magnets, producing more sustain and output than a traditional singlecoil.  In solid body installations, take advantage of P94’s ability to naturally overdrive your amp, or clean it up by rolling back your volume.  The P94R (neck) and P94T (bridge) come with opposite polarity for a hum-free operation when paired.  Shielded, three-conductor lead wiring, and full wax potting reduces any unwanted microphonic feedback.  

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