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Greer Amps Silver Streak 5W Head



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Greer Amps Silver Streak 5W Head

From Greer:

5 cathode-biased watts of single ended CLASS A KT-66 powered tone pours from this amp. The Silver Streak is the first amp in the Greer Amps line to feature an on-board effect. 100% tube driven tremolo and signal path make this amp’s tone warmer than a wool blanket on a hot summer night!

What exactly does the Silver Streak sound like? We’re glad you asked. Blend a small vintage S*pro, V*x, and some classic F*nder tones together, and add in the warm thump of a tube driven tremolo, and you’ve found tonal heaven!!! This head can power up to 2 4x12s, so long as the impedances match up with the corresponding jack on the back panel. 5 Watts gives you more than enough for most gigs, and if you’re mic’d, you’ll be the envy of every guitarist in the room. There’s more volume on tap than you’d think with this amp…and there’s not a better sounding amp that’s similar to this one on the market. We placed the footswitch jack on the front of the chassis, so it’s easily accessible. When nothing is plugged into the footswitch jack, the tremolo is on. A standard instrument cable can be used with the footswitch to operate the tremolo circuit.

Inputs on this amp are “Normal” and “Treble”. The Normal input is just that, a normal input. The Treble input gives a bit of a filtered effect to the tonality of the amp. When the tremolo depth is up over halfway, the trem will thump a bit, just like the vintage circuits that this amp is based on…we kind of like that, it’s like the heartbeat of the amp…this beauty is alive, and has more soul on tap than a Muscle Shoals recording session.

  • 5 watts cathode of biased Class A power!
  • 1x5AR4, 1xKT66, 2x12AX7 tube compliment!
  • A blend of V*x, S*pro, and F*nder tones!
  • Two uniquely voiced inputs!
  • All tube driven tremolo!
  • Tremolo footswitch jack on front panel!
  • Comes with Tremolo footswitch!
  • 4, 8, and 16 ohm outputs!


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