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Greer Amps Underdog 15 1x12 Combo Amp w/Celestion A-Type



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The Greer Amps UNDERDOG 15 is our take on the classic 5E3 circuit.  We build two main versions of this amp, both versions available as a head (tolex covered) or a 112 combo (solid pine, covered in lacquered tweed).  The standard Underdog 15 is very close to the original 5E3 circuit, with some minor tweaks, to make it sound and feel like a broken in tweed beast.  The Underdog 15 MOD-1 features one of Nick's personal favorite mods to the standard circuit.  The MOD-1 produces a smidge more volume, headroom, and grinds out a bit more.  All versions of the Underdog 15 feature custom Mercury Magnetics transformers, and the highest quality components!


  • Handwired, 5E3 based circuitry
  • 2x6V6 power section, cathode biased
  • Classic tweed tones
  • Lacquered tweed combo
  • Combo cabs built of solid pine
  • Standard circuit
  • 1x5Y3, 2x6V6, 2x12AX7
  • Combos come with Celestion A-Type speakers

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