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JAM Pedals TubeDreamer 88 Dual Overdrive



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Vintage overdrive based on the original Ibanez 808. The legendary sound that shaped a generation! Made with carbon comp resistors for a pure vintage sound! Their TubeDreamers offer much more clarity than typical overdrive units. You can actually hear the individual notes of complex chords that would normally be buried!

Consists of the TD72, the TD58 and a High Gain toggle-switch in this case aiming the TD58. Made for those who need more than one different overdrive settings, as well as for those that prefer an original tubescreamer808, but with higher gain, still having the option of the more transparent TD72 sound.

**The actual finish may vary from pedal to pedal. Since they are hand painted, the pedal you receive may not look exactly like the pedal featured here.**

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