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JAM Pedals Wahcko+ Wah-Wah w/6-Position Rotary Switch USED



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This JAM Pedals Wahcko+ Wah-Wah is in great shape and working condition! 

After long and painful research, JAM is finally proud to produce what we believe is a true vintage-sounding wah pedal that is also versatile and of course true-bypass. This pedal features "the best wah-pot on the market", a Red Fasel inductor for pure vintage sound, an internal trimmer to adjust in out gain, uses Carbon Comp resistors and Tropical Fish capacitors, a mini LED, an adjustable sweep control, and a 6 position rotary switch for 6 different frequency sweep ranges.

**The actual finish may vary from pedal to pedal. Since they are hand painted, the pedal you receive may not look exactly like the pedal featured here.**

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