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JHS Pandamonium V3 2012 USED



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This 2012 JHS Pandamonium is in great shape and working condition.

One pedal that you can use in every gig for the rest of your life... Seriously. JHS ran this pedal through the mill with touring bands all over the country in every genre and venue possible and it came out a winner.

The right side is their “4 Wheeler Fuzz” that can dish out almost any fuzz tone your bass desires. The left side is a special preamp/overdrive that is based on the famous SVT tone that has held it’s ground on millions of stages and albums for decades. With Volume, Drive, Bass and Treble, you can set this side for an always-on preamp/enhancement all the way to a tube flavored distortion with all the ranges in-between. Lot’s of players have found this pre-amp side as an answer to their dull or lifeless rig while others can’t believe how it awakened new tones and sensitivity from what they thought couldn’t get any better. With these two totally independent channels that can be used alone or stacked on top of each other, this is like a bass swiss army knife that will never leave you lacking the tone you need.

On V3 we have added our order toggle switch so you can choose what circuit comes first in the chain when they are ran together as well as shrinking the pedal down to our standard Double Barrel / Sweet Tea size 2 in 1 casing!

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