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Keeley Fuzz Head w/Capacitors USED



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In great shape and good working order! Power supply not included.

From Keeley:


This is the distortion control. Set this for the amount of gain or dirt you like. Actually, set it a bit higher than you might normally use so you can take advantage of the dynamics. The dynamics of this pedal are such that you can just roll back the volume on your guitar or pick lighter for less distortion. If this control seems like it doesn’t have enough range for you… read on! There is an easy-to-set internal gain control. It will let you set the overall range of the fuzz.


This is the volume control. Again, you can set this higher than you might normally do with other pedals because this pedal is designed to be played with dynamics and varying pick attack. We designed this pedal to have ample volume output so you can use it as a boost for tube circuitry. Tube circuitry often sounds good when pushed hard. The Fuzz Head gives you plenty of headroom for that type of tone.

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