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Keeley ME-8 Multi Echo



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This creation puts together 8 of our most popular delay based effects. At your command will be Automatic Double Tracking, Chorus, Tape Echo, Analog Delay and Subdivided Digital Delay, as well as Room, Chamber and Hall Reverb!

Need something simple to use, small, and packs a wide range of tones? The Keeley Multi Echo is just the tool. Simple: It’s only one effect at a time. Chorus or Delay or Reverb. Each algorithm was selected to offer you the best of what we offer as well as creative twists on each of the familiar patterns. The Modern ADT offers increased Time Delays and a Tone Control. The Vintage ADT offers twice as fast a Rate. The Tape Delay has Dynamic Modulation, the Analog Delay has Rate Modulation. Seven different Subdivisions on the Modern Delay! A new Room Reverb with Distortion Control. Creatively add distorts to your reflections! Chamber and Hall Reverbs for very long, ambient sounds.

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