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La Bella BP-2 Olinto Bass Fuzz Pedal



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The first generation fuzz pedals were germanium transistor. Recognized by warm and extremely dynamic and responsive character, the germanium fuzz is still a favorite among many bassists.

The Olinto Fuzz Box features a matched pair of the 2N527 germanium transistors. Roll down the bass volume for a cleaner tone and it still maintains its character and tone. Set it to full blown fuzz on your amp and you’ll get tones right up there in the Fuzzface territory. Like a genuine vintage fuzz, the Fuzz Box also has a bit more gain and lower end than most other germaniums.

One of the major additions to this classic circuit is our Bias and pregain internal trimmers. This allows you to fine-tune just the right amount of power to the perfectly hand-matched germanium transistors inside. The controls also help you tweak the pedal to perfection and overcome the issue of the transistors sounding different in various temperatures and environments that all Germanium Fuzz pedals are subject to. Another huge improvement over vintage units is that we internally set voltage and polarity so that you can power this classic circuit on a normal 9v power supply!

To adjust the 2 internal trim pots, first set the volume control at about 50% and the fuzz control to full. Open the unit and with your bass on full adjust the pregain trimmer on the left to an optimal volume. Use the bias control on the right between the 2 germanium transistors to tune in your sweet spot. This is a very subjective sound, and very small adjustment to the bias can do a lot. Be patient and use the 2 internal trimmers to balance your pedals sound. Sometimes the pedal will work best when both controls are NOT at 100%, backing off the fuzz control slightly yields some very pleasant tones, experiment with the pedal until you are happy.

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