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Lehle Little Dual Amp Switcher



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Lehle Little Dual Amp Switcher

From Lehle:

The Lehle Little Dual is the Lehle Dual SGoS's little sister, a maximum signal-fidelity amp switcher for two amps. Both amps are activated simultaneously using the left footswitch, while the right is used to switch back and forth between them. High-intensity LEDs make it easy to read off switching state A or B, or A and B, even under high-power spots.

The centerpiece of the Lehle Little Dual is its high-end Lehle LTHZ transformer, which electrically isolates output A from output B, making history of hum loops - permanently! The Lehle Little Dual features a gold-plated-contact phase inverter and a gold-plated-contact ground switch. The two inputs can also be routed in stereo to outputs A and B, if you use the stereo signal of an effect unit as the input, for example. This also makes it possible to route instruments equipped with two pick-ups, including many acoustic and hybrid guitars, and also double basses, via two amplifier systems - with no complications. These systems can be operated either in alternation or in parallel - without hum, and without sound losses, needless to say! The Lehle Little Dual - small, but so utterly effective!


Weight: 570 g
Length: 3.9”
Width: 4.8”
Overall height: 1.9”
Voltage: 8 - 20 V DC or AC
Max current: 55 mA
Max gain: +16 dBU (
Total harmonic distortion: 0.003 % @ 0 dBU/1 kHz
Frequency range: 20 Hz – 100 kHz -0.1/+0.4 dB (source 600 Ohm, load 1 MOhm)
Input impedance (transformer impedance load): min. 2 MOhm @ 2 kHz

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