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Lightwave Saber Bass SL-4 String Fretted Bass Zenon Blue



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Lightwave Saber Bass SL-4 String Fretted Bass Zenon Blue

Designed and developed from the ground up by Willcox Guitars, the Saber is a high performance, professional bass featuring our exclusive, patented LightWave Analog Optical Pickup System.

The LightWave Pickup’s transparent response delivers harmonically rich, deep, and powerful sound, spanning a wide range of tones from pure, natural string sound (our trademark Voice of the String™), to super-aggressive and cutting edge with the use of EQ or signal processing. Extremely low noise characteristics eliminate the annoying background hum and buzz typical of conventional pickups, and with no magnetic field pulling on the strings, sustain is natural, like a Grand Piano. Highly sensitive to even the most subtle nuances, the LightWave Pickup delivers the true sound of the strings, the instrument, and your playing.

The Saber is designed for outstanding performance in all styles of music, from hard rock and heavy metal, to pop and jazz. Top professional bassists have already added LightWave instruments to their arsenals. Now you, too, can own a high performance bass featuring a sonic palette unlike anything you already have.

The VL model features a Swamp Ash body with resonant chambers to enhance the tone, as vibration is key to coaxing the most sound from the wood. VLs include beautiful Flamed Maple tops, black basswood composite fingerboards and come in a variety of stunning, transparent finishes.

Weight:  7 lb. 5 oz.

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