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The 3 flagship "Log " products are what we call "stompers". They are not guitar effects pedals (stomp boxes) but instruments in their own right. They are designed to create a beat behind what you're playing and can be used very simply by tapping your feet 2 ,3 or 4 times per bar etc or by using the instrument selectively to create dynamic changes and accents. When plugged into a PA or bass amp they will create the sound of a kick drum. Unlike a "drum machine" these units are played by you.

All these stompers will put out a nice round bassy kick drum without the need for a drum machine. All you've got to do is plug one end of a standard guitar lead into your amp or PA and the other end into the “Log Out" socket and tap your foot in time with the music you're playing.

Depending on the type of shoes you're wearing you will find that the sound will change. Hard leather soles will produce a more "toppy" sound than say trainers or thick rubber soles. It's a versatile situation.

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