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Low Boy Natural White Stripes Lightweight Leather Daddy Bass Drum Beater

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Low Boy Natural/Light Brown White Stripes Lightweight Leather Daddy Bass Drum Beater

While we extol the virtues of wood beaters, we know each drummer (and perhaps each song) requires a full arsenal of tones. While there are dozens of beaters on the market, we wanted to give drummers the gift of a brand new sound, never before available.

Leather occupies the sonic space between felt and wood. Not too hard and not too soft.

Feather the drum head and this leather beater will give you a warm boom, perfect for jazz or acoustic music. Lay in a little harder and you’ll find a slappiness that will help you cut through the mix without overpowering it. Throw some serious power at your kick drum, and you’ll hear the big sound of our standard wood beaters, with just a bit of that high end “click” rolled off.

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