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Ludwig Classic Maple 14/16/18/26 4pc “Zep” Drum Kit Green Sparkle

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Ludwig Classic Maple 14/16/18/26 4pc “Zep” Drum Kit Green Sparkle 

Ludwig Classic Maple 4 piece drum set, configured as a tribute to John Bonham’s Zeppelin kit.  Sizes are 14x10 rack with no mount, 16x16, 18x16, and 26x14.  This kit features large lugs, a green sparkle finish, T-rods, sable black hoops with matching green sparkle inlays on the bass drum, tone controls on the toms, curved spurs, classic floor tom leg brackets, blue/olive badges, and a virgin bass drum with no mount.  Shells are 7 ply Maple.  Coated medium batter and resonant heads on the toms, coated power collar bass drum batter head, and vintage script smooth white resonant head on the bass drum.  Needless to say, these drums sing.

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