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Marshall JCM-1H Full Stack White 2013 USED


SKU: MJCM1HWHT13-M20134001612

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This 2013 Marshall JCM-1H Full Stack in White is in great shape and working condition. 

From Marshall

The 1980s was a time of evolution in rock music: from New Wave British Heavy Metal to the infamous hair-metal of the Sunset Strip to the Thrash and Speed Metal movement. Regardless of the sub-genre, the Master Volume JCM800 was there.

A genuine design classic, the JCM800’s chest thumping roar defined a rock decade. The all-valve 1 Watt JCM-1H brings it all back and now features a front panel Boost switch that kicks in the extra gain of the Jubilee and Split Channel amps. And thanks to the high/low Power switch dropping down to 0.1 Watt you can play those hotrod tones without putting out the windows.

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