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Martin 000-21 1943


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This noteworthy product has sold but will live on in our Hall of Fame.

This lovely-looking 000-21 has had a relatively large repair on top, but don't let that fool you; it sounds very strong, with a bright attack and long-ringing mids and highs. Just the way a 21 should sound. Its look is also classic, making it a standout piece to go with its great playability.

The deep gouge below the D string is visible in our photos. This has been repaired and rebuilt by CME, and it's very stable and strong. With only one small repaired crack between the pickguard and the bridge, the deeply tinted top almost matte finish from wear, has an intriguing look, its history visible and its tone unmistakable. A metal strap button has been added on the back of the neck heel. The guitar has had a nice clean neck reset, a replaced bone nut, and the side has been drilled out for a larger-diameter wooden endpin. There are a couple of holes in the middle of the pickguard, not the wood, that almost look like they could have been melted in, as if by a cigarette. It's had a refret as well. Overall, this is a classic 000-21 that still deserves to be played a lot.


Body: Adirondack spruce top with rosewood body and sides. Herringbone back stripe.

Neck: Mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard, slotted-diamond inlays.

Tone: Bright and ringing overall with strong output.

Setup/Playability: Very nice player with refret and neck reset. Stable and resonsive, especially to fingerpicking.

Cosmetic Condition: Tight grain on rosewood. Two small holes in pickguard (not into wood). Tinted, almost matte-finished top.

Modifications: Repair and rebuild on deep top gouge. The top cracks have been repaired. Clean neck reset and refret. Replaced bone nut. Wider-diameter endpin added with drilling into original hole. The saddle has been replaced. A strap button has been added. The tuners have been replaced. A new ebony neck heel cap has been added.

Weight: 3 lbs 15 oz

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