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Matthews Effects Harbinger Parametric Distortion



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Matthews Effects Harbinger Parametric Distortion

CME Exclusive

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The Harbinger lets you take distortion to a whole new level giving you parametric control to sculpt your tone in a way unlike anything else on the market! Using original NOS LM308 chips to bring you powerful vintage RAT inspired distortion. With the eq sitting pre-gain rather than post like most distortion use the cut/boost to create a whole new range of distortion.

Let the Harbinger Herald your tone!

The Harbinger has 4 controls: The "Output" controls your overall volume, simply turn it left to right to increase your overall volume. " The Distortion" control decides the amount of overall dirt/distortion that enters the signal path. Turn it up for more distortion and down for less. The "Freq" controls what frequencies you are boosting or cutting. Turn it left to right to sweep between 100 - 4khz. The "Boost/Cut" Lets you cut or boost the selected frequencies, and when in the middle there is no affect to eq. Turn left to cut and right to boost up to 15db. Has top jacks and takes 9v power supply only no battery option.

Designed, Built by Rick Matthews in the Pacific North West

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