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McCaffrey Audio Run Rabbit Run Vibe Ring Mod



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McCaffrey Audio Run Rabbit Run Vibe Ring Mod

The McCaffrey Audio Run Rabbit Run is an out of control, trip down the bunny hole.  From chorus-laden chime to psyched out swirls, the Run Rabbit Run takes the best of the Uni-vibe, and takes it just a hare further.  
Specs: Neutrik Jacks
Power: Negative center 2.1mm standard 9V power supply.
LED’s: Indicate the selected effect (Vibrato/Chorus) along with a rate LED to show the speed of the effect even when in bypass mode. Four-Stage Phaser: With each stage individually isolated for a full and lush sweep.
Depth: Increases/decreases the wet/dry signal of effect.
Speed: Affects the rate of the selected effect. Easy access allows for adjustments to be made with your foot while on the floor.
Thump: Will add low end to the output of the effect when rolling back the DEPTH knob keeping the fullness of the modulation and not sounding “thin”.
Crazy Footswitch: Footswitch that allows you to double the speed of the modulation going from a normal operation to a whole new level of sounds including, ring mod, synth, octave up or down tunable to the note/key you desire.
Chorus/Vibrato Footswitch: Footswitch allows you to switch between both the chorus settings and the vibrato with the tap of the foot instead of a mini toggle switch.
Available Sounds: Simply by twisting and turning the various knobs you can get the Run Rabbit Run Vibe to emulate various sound effects like:
  • Vibe
  • Chorus
  • Phaser
  • Vibrato
  • Ring Mod
  • Octave

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