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Mission Engineering SP1 L6H for Line 6 Helix



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Mission Engineering SP1 L6H for Line 6 Helix

SP1 L6H brand new Line 6 Helix pedal designed working with Line 6 engineers and co-branded accordingly. Has a toe switch (the type used on the Helix) for useful switching/on/off via the pedal to save time and toe dancing on stage :-) These should be hugely successful given that Line 6 are only recommending this pedal for use with the Helix. Dealers that stopped by our booth told us the sale of the Helix was already big- one told us they had sold over 100 in the first 3 weeks (pre NAMM) of January. The floor version of the Helix takes up to 2 expression pedal inputs and the shortly to be released rack version takes up to 4 SP1-L6H pedals. We had one of these Helix rack units on our booth and the overwhelming opinion of the guitarist (and us) who tried it, was that it sounded incredible and was so easy to program with it's huge display screen and simple menu select buttons. With the Helix rack about to be made available, you can get ahead of the curve and have pedals in stock ready to offer.

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