Mogees Senors USED

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Description & Specs

This sensor is in amazing condition and comes with original packaging!

Mogees Senors

Mogees combines a vibration sensor with revolutionary music software, transforming anything into a musical instrument. The app detects the vibrations you create and uses advanced gesture recognition technology to associate different types of hits and scratches on an object to play different notes or sounds.

Versatile Sound Engines:

A growing library of sound engines designed specifically for use with the Mogees sensor allow for expressive and nuanced performance.

Mogees signature gesture recognition technology

Turns any surface or object into a playable musical instrument. Train the Mogees app to recognise different types of hits or strikes to different parts of an object and associate them to individual notes or sounds. Turn a tree into a bass synth, a chair into a drum kit, a dustbin into a xylophone.

MIDI Input & Output

Step away from the laptop and bring your performances to life.

Turn any object into a MIDI controller. Playback your own samples, trigger clips and control FX with your gestures.

MIDI Input allows you to take existing tracks or live MIDI from your sequencer in real time. The notes are sync-ed so you can focus on the sound and timing of your performance.

Fine tune your sound

All Mogees instruments allow fine grain control over synthesis parameters.

Audiobus and inter-app audio and DAW compatibility

Use Mogees alongside other iOS music applications such as Garageband, LoopyHD or AmpKit.

Use the Mogees plugin in every popular digital audio workstation such as Ableton Live, Logic, FL Studio, and Audacity.


- Mogees vibration sensor

- 3.5mm TRRS to 6.5mm TS jack adapter

- Software download and registration codes for iOS & Mac

- FREE App Upgrades

- Flight case

- 2 x re-washable adhesive pads

- Quick start guide

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