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Mojo Hand FX Rook Overdrive



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This impressively versatile and stack friendly overdrive can take your sound from a clean boost to the most edgy, raw distortion, and all points in between. The three way toggle switch allows for an almost overwhelming abundance of choices. The UP position creates a classic, highly compressed overdrive full of rich harmonics. The DOWN position adds additional gain stages for a much more aggressive overdrive that screams of full blown distortion. And the MIDDLE position allows for a louder, cleaner sound that highlights the two-band EQ to shine as an awe inspiring boost that will make your entire pedalboard sound better.

Mojo Hand FX Rook Overdrive Features:

  • True Bypass
  • Bass, Treble, Gain, and Volume Controls
  • Three Way Overdrive Mode Switch
  • Standard -9vdc or Battery Operation

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