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Rainger FX Dr. Freakenstein Bass Fuzz w/ Igor



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Rainger FX Dr. Freakenstein Bass Fuzz w/ Igor

This is a full-on fuzz effect, very similar to the circuit in the regular Dr Freakenstein Fuzz DrFF-3 – but with the low end boosted. It also has a ‘mix’ knob to blend the right amount of clean sound into the output signal.

This pedal produces an incredibly flexible palette of sounds, specially designed to appeal to bassists.

The knifeswitch on the top panel offers two handy overtone intensities. If required, these can be adjusted by a trimpot inside the enclosure. Also inside is a ‘bass type’ switch; switch this to ‘active’ or ‘passive’ according to what kind of instrument you’re using.

Modulation and Igor
There’s an LFO option to modulate the overtone – with speed adjustable from a slow spacey sweep to a fast intense wobble. Using Igor – Dr Freakenstein’s assistant – this speed can be tweaked while you’re playing, bringing intense dubstep-like throbs to particular notes, or glitchy speed-twitches, or end-of-song speed slow-downs… An incredibly exciting new facility.

Alternatively just use Igor to add phaser-like real-time expression to your playing.

Gate and Envelope
As part of how the distortion circuit works, the Dr Freakenstein Bass has an impressive fixed-setting noise gate built in, creating dead silence between notes (which is very strange for a distortion). This is especially noticeable on the ‘Hard’ envelope setting; there’s a synth-like intensity – no decay at all – to a note, with a hard shut-down to silence at its end.

Switch to ‘Soft’ envelope however, and the hard shut-down becomes a gentle volume roll-off, with the distortion volume matching the dynamics of your playing in a more natural way.
(This all applies only to the distorted sound. The clean signal goes through a highly transparent buffer, keeping the ‘straight’ sound unaffected).


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