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Rebeats “The Gretsch Serial Number Dating Guide” by Rick Gier

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 Richard E. Gier spent five years on the research for this 42-page book.  This printing represents the 3rd edition, with over 6,000 drums now having been analyzed. The conclusions presented here are well documented and presented. The author's focus was round-badge drums, though "Stop Sign Badges" and "Square Badge" drums have been included in the log in order to show certain patterns and to support the analysis of the Round Badge era drums. This scholarly presentation is endorsed by Rob Cook and John Sheridan; collaborators on The Gretsch Drum Book. Among Gier's well-documented conclusions: -Gretsch serial numbers through the era studied consist of three sequences. (The guide explains how to determine which sequence your drum is from.) -It is possible to quite accurately project how many total serial numbered round-badge drums were produced by Gretsch. (Gier does so.) -Relevant to dating these drums, in addition to the serial number, are: Serial number label style, model number, color of ink used on label, lug casing screw type, wrap/finish, throwoff/strainer type. Rob Cook considers this book the "Rosetta Stone" for dating Gretsch drums made between 1962 and 1984.

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