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Red Witch Violetta Battery Bypass Plug



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Red Witch Violetta Battery Bypass Plug

This little device allows you to remove the battery from your Red Witch Violetta pedal and power it just from a power supply.

Can I use the Battery bypass plug in the Seven Sisters or just Violetta?

No – the Battery bypass plug is only for use in the Violetta.

How do I fit the bypass plug into my Violetta?

Simply unscrew the 4 screws in the baseplate. Locate the battery clip. Unclip. Clip in the battery bypass plug. Replace 4 screws. Attach DC wall wart 9 volt regulated, tip negative (barrel positive) 2.1mm plug. Use like any other pedal.

Can I switch back to the Li Battery after using the BBP?

Yes – just switch the plug out for the battery as above.

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