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Roger Mayer Voodoo XX Dual Band HDD Overdrive USED



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From Roger Mayer: 

The Voodoo-1 circuit is on the High Band and the Voodoo-Bass on the Low Band.
If you desire sustain and articulation in your tone without nasty artifacts that detract away from your riffs this combination is for you. The Voodoo XX represents a big step forward in this direction and the blending of these acclaimed circuits must be heard. Many top players already use both of these circuits and now you have the choice of both to adjust and blend together. The two types of distortion are complimentary harmonically and the Voodoo XX explores the sonic blending of them together to the max. A good choice for both rock and metal music styles.

The Synergy Series brings parallel path processing and recording studio-mixing quality to our range of distortion pedals. Each pedal has two separate distortion sections that are driven by internal splitter circuitry and then mixed back together. The Low and High Band circuit paths have been carefully chosen from our extensive range of tried and critically acclaimed distortion, fuzz and overdrive circuits. It is best visualised as two separate channels with individual control of the important parameters and then mixed together to form one sound.

The Low and High Band circuit path channels have individual Drive and EQ controls that been optimised for the type of circuit being used. The resulting range of sounds available is truly immense as varying amounts and types of Processing and EQ can be applied to each channel or band and then mixed together. This is a technique we used in the studio with Jimi to get the required tone. Using various pedals in series or equalisation will not accomplish this as processing is then applied sequentially and to the whole frequency range. The advantages of this technique become immediately apparent upon playing the units. The amount of flexibility in adjusting the tone is truly immense and these boxes will appeal to those players that seek out and appreciate the subtleties of manipulating their tone to the highest level.

It should not also be forgotten that there is a financial saving as well as in fact you are getting two pedals for one plus a splitter and mixer for about 120% of the price of one of our single units. You also have a space saving on your pedal board with a very flexible unit that will produce more tonal variation that you can imagine.


  • High Band Drive- This sets the amount of distortion from almost nil up to virtually unlimited sustain.
  • High Band EQ- A combination circuit tailored for the High Band tonal characteristics.
  • Low Band Drive- This sets low band distortion to desired level.
  • Low Band EQ- Optimised Low band EQ.
  • Mix- Blend the Low Band and High Band sounds together and used to hear each section individually. Fully clockwise will select the Low Band and fully anti-clockwise the High Band.
  • Output- Set the Output Level from unity gain up to level boost required. 

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