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SolidGoldFX Beta MKII Bass Overdrive



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SolidGoldFX Beta MKII Bass Overdrive

Take your bass tone from zero to hero with SoldGoldFX's new Beta Bass Overdrive!  Growling fuzz tones to warm vintage drive, the Beta provides them all with intuitive control and response.

The Beta MKII is an enhanced version of our original Beta bass overdrive, designed to give you everything from mild Motown thump to punchy, full-range push in a compact, easy to dial package.The MKII introduces a Mode switch that allows you to select between Preamp and Overdrive modes. In Preamp mode, the gain control is eliminated from the circuit allowing for more headroom and is great for those looking for coloration without additional breakup. In the Overdrive mode, the gain control is reconnected and the Beta is ready to deliver its sweet tube-esque drive reminiscent of classic bass amps like the B15. With its tailored EQ and distinct gain structure, the Beta has just the right amount of attitude to cut without being overly aggressive or fizzy. It is a great tool to add warmth to modern rigs or more edge to vintage setups. If you are looking for a great bass overdrive that is versatile and character rich, the Beta is for you.


Manufacturer: SolidGoldFX
Type: Bass Overdrive
Controls: Level, Gain, Tone, On/Off
Dimensions:  4.39" x 2.34" x 1.06" (112 x 60 x 27mm)
Weight: -
Power Source: 9VDC
True Bypass: Yes
Inputs: Mono In
Outputs: Mono Out
Extras: -

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