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SolidGoldFX Stutterbox Tremolo V2 Black



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SolidGoldFX Stutterbox Tremolo v2

From SolidGoldFX:

The Stutterbox represents the perfect union of classic tonality and modern convenience. The heart of the Stutterbox is centered on an all-analog optical engine that accurately captures the mesmerizing throb of the tremolo circuits found in some of the most sought after 60's tube amps. Building on this foundation we added a choice array of slick contemporary features like our proprietary tap tempo control, various waveform selector, expression pedal capability, and a unique collection of inspired rhythmic patterns.

One of the central features that separates the Stutterbox from other trems on the market is its multiple speed function controls. The tremolo rate can be set using the speed knob, by an expression pedal, or entered via the tap button. In addition, the Stutterbox also includes an even finer degree of speed control accessed through the multiplier switch. With 1x, 2x, and 4x divisions the Stutterbox can produce everything from a slow and sultry pulse to trem sounds fast enough to double as a ring modulator.

Along with its comprehensive speed settings the Stutterbox takes trem even further by offering three selectable waveforms and eight specialized rhythmic patterns and accents. The number of tonal textures and possibilities this allows for is seemingly endless. If you are looking for a trem that can take you back in time or launch you forward to the future the Stutterbox stands as your comprehensive all in one solution.

This Custom Shop Stutterbox is offered in a beautiful gloss black enclosure with white print and is available exclusively from SGFX.


Speed: The rate of the tremolo effect can be set using either the Tap switch or speed knob. To enter tap mode, simply press the tap switch to set the rate, adjusting the speed knob returns to standard speed mode.

Expression Pedal Input: You can connect an expression pedal to the Stutterbox to control the speed. The expression pedal replaces the speed knob and tap operation is as described above. We recommend using the M-Audio EXP or Mission EP-1R expression pedals.

1-2-4 Switch: In standard speed mode, this switch sets the tempo range from slow to fast. In tap mode, this switch multiplies the tapped tempo by 1, 2, or 4.

Mode: This knob selects between 8 different tremolo modes allowing for different patterns and rhythmic accents as described below. Setting the depth to maximum allows the full pattern to come through. As depth is decreased, the half pulse beats fade away for additional rhythmic possibilities. Standard tremolo operation is set when turned fully counter-clockwise.

Wave Switch: Selects between Sine, Square and Lumpy wavefroms. The Sine setting provides smooth tremolo tones while the Square setting allows for a harder trem sound. The Lumpy setting provides a choppy yet smooth tone reminiscent of a pulsing tube tremolo.

Depth: This controls the intensity of the tremolo effect. At its minimum setting, the pedal can be used as a clean boost.

Tone: This controls tone of the guitar signal, from warm and dark to bright and lively.

Gain: Allows you to boost or cut your volume level.

Bypass Switch: Allows you to engage or bypass the effect. The Stutterbox is 100% true bypass.

Tap Switch: Pressing the tap switch enters the tap tempo mode and sets the tremolo speed.

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