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Sonomatic Efectos Cheddar Delay



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As you step on Cheddar's footswitch, the sound of the guitar turns, in an almost mystical way, into the characteristic sound of vintage audio. It is a delay that resembles the old tape echos, with all it's typical markings: it smudges the signal in the right way to enforce character and to produce a sound ambiance reminiscent of an antique Ecoplex.

Cheddar presents two considerable advantages: an analogic effect characteristic sound; and, it can be used before or after a distortion pedal, an advantage that puts it over many delays that only develop a good function before these.

Additionally, Cheddar possesses a selector that enables change from a "TRUE" type of bypass, standard in all SONOMATIC pedals, to a "TAIL" one. The latter allows, when turning off the effect, to listen to the queue of repetitions softly vanish instead of abruptly silencing them as it would happen in "TRUE" mode.

  • Reptitions: At minimum level only one repetition is obtained and, increasing towards the maximum level, an infinite feedback is accomplished.
  • Duration: Controls the duration of the repetitions; ranging from 25ms to 450ms (milliseconds).
  • Mix:
  • Controls the maximum volume of the repetitions.
  • Bypass: True. In this position once the effect is switched off, the repetitions are abruptly interrupted. Tail.In this position, as the effect is switched off, the repetitions tail fades naturally.

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