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Sonomatic Efectos Palmetto 3 Tremolo



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Palmetto 3 is an extremely versatile tremolo. It features controls that allow to obtain a high level of effect personalization: gradually, it can range from a triangular wave up to a square one, allowing a mixture of both.

In addition to the standard controls (frequency and depth), it is possible to alter the symmetry and the spacing of the LFO (low frequency oscillator).

Palmetto 3 allows varying almost all the wave parameters that finally modulate the amplitude of the instrument's signal.

  • Spacing: Separates or joins the effect's cycles.
  • Speed: Adjusts the effect's frequency or, in other words, the number of cycles per second.
  • Depth: Controls the effect's level.
  • Hardness: changes the shape of the cycles, from a soft triangular one, to a pulsating square one, passing through the mix of both.
  • Symmetry: Controls the cycles symmetry. Within each cycle, it varies the relation between the duration of the high pulse and the duration of the low one.

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