Source Audio Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter - USED

Source Audio Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter - USED

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Description & Specs

This item is in excellent working condition, barely used, and includes original packaging.

Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter In this Pro version, users are able to choose from four different modulation sources including standard envelope filter sweeps, selectable LFO wave forms, a passive expression pedal and the Hot Hand motion sensing ring. An expression pedal input can be used to control filter modulation like in a standard wah pedal or a wide variety of parameters including sweep range, effect selection, LFO speed and more. As in our other Pro Series pedals, the BEF Pro features three footswitches to hold six customizable presets but also includes an option for Tap Tempo LFO on one of the footswitches.

  • Sweep Range - Adjusts the direction and breadth of the filter sweep.
  • Speed - Adjusts the speed of the envelope filter attack and decay or selects Hot Hand axis.
  • Mix - Lo-Retain mixing algorithm adjusts balance of wet and dry signal.
  • Mod Source - Selects between envelope filter, LFO and Hot Hand modes.
  • Tap Tempo - Enables tap tempo for LFO mode.
  • Graphic EQ - 7-band graphic equalizer saved per preset.
  • Preset Bank - Selects between preset banks A and B.
  • Frequency - Adjusts the center point of the filter sweep.
  • Effect Selector - Selects between a range of different filter sounds.
  • Footswitches - Saves and recalls 6 programmable user presets.
  • Rightmost footswitch - Sets tempo in Tap Tempo mode.

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