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Swart Night Light USED



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This Swart Night Light is in great shape and working condition. 

If this was all the Night Light did, it would be good enough.  Yet ole Michael didn't stop there.  He wanted a way to link up TWO amps, the first driving the second via it's full OUTPUT stage, bring all the effects PLUS power tube drive, this reduced to proper input level, then fed through the INPUT of the second amp!  The number of tonal variations is staggering; simply put, this is a boon for all Tone Explorers.  Run an AST into a ST-6V6se!  Or how about the STR-tweed into the little ST.  Man, it's just too fun to be legal.  I could ramble for 10 paragraphs and still not get near all the possibilities with this setup.    When you add in the attenuation aspect, this little magic box gives more than it has a right to.

Lastly, it's compact, and cool to stare at, just like all the Swart gear.  And last but not least, it makes a great NIGHT LIGHT!  Bring your whole family in to gaze at the beauty.  Or not.

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