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Swart ST-45 Dark Convertable Head



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Swart ST-45 Dark Convertable Head

From Swart:

You've been waiting long enough. The all-new Space Tone Forty-Five is finally HERE and although the wait long, it's more than worth it as it's an amp residing outside the box, literally, this in both sonics and aesthetics. Hyperbole aside, this amp is going to make some serious waves, akin to the original release of the AST. Think of it as an AST on steroids, with amazing CLEANS, all housed in a chassis that can be put on display for tube admiration.

The ST-45 is a first for Swart Amps on a number of fronts. It's our first 45 watt amp that's dedicated to getting the absolute MOST from the 6L6 power tube, this via our first production "easy set" Fixed Bias offering, key in getting every last bit of goodness from this circuit. It's our first offering that eschews our simple tone cut, moving to separate bass and treble controls, designed to refine the frequency palate for a bit more control of bottom/top. This is aided by a very useful 3-way EQ switch to help further tailor the response/output depending on room/output/guitar.

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