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Towner Down Tension Bar 24k Gold Plated



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Towner Down Tension Bar 24k Gold Plated

The TOWNER Down Tension Bar manages your sustain controlling your break angle. The TOWNER Down Tension Bar is designed to work with the BIGSBY® B3, BIGSBY® B6, BIGSBY® B11, BIGSBY® B30 and BIGSBY® B60 vibrato tailpieces.

Mounted to the stop tailpiece studs in place of the stop tailpiece, the studs provide the ability to raise or lower the TOWNER Down Tension Bar. Controlling how much downward tension you want on your strings, therefore, managing your guitar strings sustain.

This simple function is ideal and becomes a custom setup for every player with a BIGSBY® vibrato tailpiece because every guitar setup is different. From the gauge of the strings the players likes to use to the action of the strings, type and height of the bridge and type of nut.

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