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Tung-Sol 6L6GC STR Platinum Matched Duet



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Built to the same special tube request specs of leading amp manufacturers of the 1960s, this rugged and reliable power tube excels in the most demanding guitar amp circuits.

Soft, medium, and hard style descriptions refer to break up modes of the tube for an overdriven guitar signal. The Tungsol 6L6GC STR Power Tubes are soft-rated tubes that break up easier and have the least headroom, yielding a heavier, harder distortion.

In comparison, hard tubes have the highest amount of clean headroom before break-up and distortion. These tubes have high plate current (Ip) and transconductance (Gm) matching numbers. They take longer to reach saturation and are preferred by jazz, country, and bass players. Hard tubes are also used by guitarists who rely primarily on effects pedals to generate distortion.

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